What Kind of Cage Is Best for Finches?

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Owning a pet finch is a good feeling until it’s time to get a cage, and you wonder what kind of cage is best for finches.

With the social nature of finches, you need a cage that can hold at least two birds since it’s hard for them to live alone.

The living space must be spacious enough to allow friendly interaction with their mates without messing around.

Ensure that the cage is fully secure for the social birds. In the following review, we have made it easier for you by including cages with the best necessities.

Let’s get started.

7 Best Cages for Finches

1. Best Overall: Vision Wire Bird Cage

This noninvasive bird cage is what you need for your finches. It contains exterior access to water cups and seed that helps reduce stress.

Additionally, the debris guard holds waste inside the cage for easier cleaning; you only need to detach the base from the cage and clean it up.

Its multiple grip perches help air circulation and prevent your finches from developing foot problems. Additionally, it has sturdy handles for easier transportation.

In this package, you will find two green bird seeds, perches, water dishes, and two water shields.

2. Best Open Top: Yaheetech Open Top Cage

If you are looking for an open-top design cage, this one from Yaheetech will serve your finches well. It gives a decent outside when your birds want to stretch their wings.

It’s made from quality and strong metal wires that keep your cage sturdy. The paint is oxidation resistant, preventing the cage from rusting.

The assembling process is hassle-free when using the given instructions. The polished wooden perch is super comfortable for your finch.

Each feeder in the cage has a door to enable easy cleaning and refilling plus the red clamps keep the cage steady on the clamps.

3. Best Layered Structure: Super Deal Pro Large Cage

Super Deal must have considered every bird’s comfort and safety when making this amazing cage.

The sturdy cage is made from strong wrought iron plus the powder coat of nontoxic and lead-free paint prevents rusting.

The cage comes with two perches where one is an interior long wooden one for resting, five stainless steel bowls, and four industrial casters for noise-free movement.

The sand tray at the bottom keeps the birds’ mess in the cage leaving your floor clean. The heavy-duty lockable doors give maximum security to your finches.

4. Best for Flight: Prevue Pet Product Flight Cage

I love this stackable cage from prevue pet products. With it, you can carry your finches during flights without worrying about their comfort.

The spacious cage provides a playing and exercise area for your birds, and they can spread their wings freely and fly around.

The white bird crate is easy to clean with its large front door opening, plus a large removable plastic tray that holds the bird’s mess.

In the cage, you will find wooden perches and feeder cups that conveniently keep the cage neat. Assembly is effortless.

5. Best Durable: Zeny 53-inch Bird Cage

This cage from Zeny is sturdy and best for most birds, from parrots to your finches. It’s made using high-quality wrought iron material that makes it strong and durable.

It has the perfect design for your social finches that stay in pairs since it comes with two long wooden perches for sitting and playing. Its flat top has grills that keep your birds safe.

The cage has four feeding cups to store food and water plus the removable tray makes it easier to clean spillages and wastages in the cage.

It has four strong swivel casters for stability, with the non-glide casters that improve movement.

6. Best for Small Finches: Vivohome Iron Cage

With your small finches, you deserve this cage from Vivohome. I love its high-quality frame that has low carbon and rust proof.

Its waterproof frame is more stable through the four caster wheels that rotate 360 degrees for easier and noise-free mobility.

The nontoxic hammer pattern paint creates a safer living environment for your finches, plus the strong base improves stability.

Cleaning the cage is effortless since it has a removable bottom tray that holds the spillages and waste. Slide off the tray and clean the mess on it.

7. Best for Multiple Finches: Yintatech Iron Bird Cage

This spacious bird cage will give your finches the comfort they deserve. It can accommodate multiple birds, which is an added advantage for the social finches.

It has two large front doors for the birds to fly in and out. It has a firmly latched, strong sliding bar that secures the doors and prevents the pets from escaping.

The hygienic slide-out tray is easy to remove and clean. The bottom part of the cage has grills that prevent the birds from stepping on their droppings.

The spray powder coating on the metal frame protects it from corrosion and rust, increasing durability. The rolling caster’s wheels make it easier to move the birds outside in good weather.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a cage for your finch, comfort, and security should be the top features. A spacious cage will allow birds to fly around when yearning for private moments away from their mates. 

An additional climbing area will be great. Clean the cage regularly to keep the mess minimum for fresh air circulation.

Marry J Correy

Marry J Correy

Living in San Francisco, we get to see (and hear) quite a few House Finches all year round.
When a couple of them made their home in my back yard, I started to feed them and even got a little wooden birdhouse.
So I thought I'd tell you what I discovered...

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Living in San Francisco, we get to see (and hear) quite a few House Finches all year round.
When a couple of them made their home in my back yard, I started to feed them and even got a little wooden birdhouse.
So I thought I’d tell you what I discovered…

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